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greyfacebob inquired: "[Text to Cutie Pie] PARTY!"



           {text — Train face Bob}: WHERE


[text to Cutie Pie] In my pants

        {text — Train face Bob}: Am I invited



Allison smiles, hands the dainty
tube of lip balm over.

          “No problem. Looked cute,
figured you’d want it.”

            [ eleanor smiled in appreciation,
                 taking the small item from the
                 other’s hands. ]

                           Thanks again,
                                          I really couldn’t afford
                                                Losing that.
                                                          I’m Eleanor.

greyfacebob inquired: "[Text to Cutie Pie] PARTY!"

           {text — Train face Bob}: WHERE

Anonymous inquired: "What is a word for the over powering urge to kiss someone, potentially shared by the other person?"



n. an overwhelming urge to neck or kiss; a strong craving or hunger for kissing






[ She reaveled the strange mirror
  with a flick of the wrist, and took
  a step back to observe it for a
  moment. It must be important.
  It was among such expensive
  things. But it seemed so ordinary.
  Sure, the framing was gorgeus
  but not worth to be with all the
  other things the room contained. ]


"What’s this, then?
                      It can’t be
                             just a mirror.”


        a small gasp of awe at the item
          in front of her ——
          it seemed almost riveting, but
          didn’t appear to have any value in
          contrast to some other objects that
          stood in this very room. eyes quickly
           darting to analyze the entity, she
            matched the other girl’s gait, stepping
            back. ]

                   perhaps you’re right,                                   
                                  I do wonder what it’s
                                            doing in such a room.

littlepurpleshark inquired: "♥ + meeee + i love your new theme so much D':"


❀ about me ❀


name: anna but you can call me steve ;)

age: fourteen

birthday: 21st january

zodiac: aquarius

single or taken: single

height: 5’4”

eye color: blue

middle name: i have two, marie and amelia

favorite color: purple and green

lucky number:  fourteen..


hogwarts house: slytherin.

favorite fictional character: sherlock (bbc), loki, clara oswald, eleventh doctor, haruhi fujioka.

favorite television show: teen wolf, supernatural, merlin, bbc sherlock, doctor who, ouan highschool host club.

favorite season: winter

describe yourself in a few words: cheerful and hyperactive

meaning of your name: someone told me it means sea of bitter… what the fuck

ultimate otp: destiel you guys

what do you plan to/do for a living: forensic sciences and i really want to act since i was 6

starbucks order: i fucking love lattes (never eat them with french fries it’s soo gross)


introvert or extrovert: extrovert

dawn or dusk: dusk

coffee or tea: oh my god both

rain or shine: rain, dark rainy weather with thunder

reading or writing: to be honest, writing for me




▐ █「 ♚ 」

   oh my, i’ve never been able to resist the lure of desserts well. chocolate is generally my preference, so i would be happy to try one of those.

    [ instantly delighted, she reached into the basket
                    and pulled out an iced chocolate cupcake,
                           handing it to the young woman in front of her. ]

                “I made these a few minutes ago,
                           I assure you they’d be fresh.

she reassured her, eagerly awaiting a response. ]